Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Secret?

Wanna know a secret?
I used to think being vulnerable was the hardest thing I could imagine.
Then I let myself go, Abandoned my doubts and just went with it.
& If not for that I wouldn't have been able to let myself love him, or my son. Or myself.
And if not for my intial insecurity with myself and my secrets, I wouldn't have been able to see this life from both sides.
Seeing life from either side helped me stand in the shoes of every person who I've ever shared secrets with & help them abandon their doubts, about themselves, about relationships, about life, & just go with it. I used to think life was too hard to handle, Then I realized it's not how hard your life is, It's how you handle it.
I'm always listening, Because I want to help others with their lives too.
And knowing I can help hundreds of people a day with a few minutes of my time really does help me. I'm damn proud of it too.
I hope every one of you can sit down and type out your secrets, guilt free and anonymously, And know that at the end of our conversation we will each be smiling.
Have a nice day.
Lots of new secrets this sunday ;]
- - dani